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Wooden Decorative Panel Texture #1

USD 1,055
Ships in 4-5 weeks
Wooden Decorative Panel Texture #1 - Main view

This wooden panel is adorned with Marmorino plaster, crafted from a blend of white Botticino marble powder and lime putty, meticulously applied in the traditional style of eighteenth-century Marmorino stucco. Smoothed and polished with Marseille soap for a luxurious finish, a line of glass tiles and 24kt gold leaf weaves through it, creating a captivating texture against the Marmorino background. Customizable variations in size, tile color, and plaster hue upon request.

Handcrafted for you in Italy in 4-5 weeks
Shipping to United States: USD 100

Product Details

MaterialWoodDimensions (in)W 19.69 x D 0.79 x H 19.69Product referenceMNMVEN-041Tearsheet

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