Annibale Colombo

Lombardy, Italy - Furniture Maker
From a small bottega producing artistic furnishings, Annibale Colombo, founded in 1812 by Filippo Colombo, is now an international reference point for quality woodworking. Going by its current name since 1990, the company has skillfully combined industrial structures and avant-garde techniques with artisanal tradition. Based in Novedrate outside of Como, the brand’s main focus remains woodworking, with both classic and contemporary styles in over sixty types of wood, inlaying and carving techniques.

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Annibale Colombo

After more than 200 years, Annibale Colombo is a landmark in the outline of high cabinet-making and can boast inestimable know-how, which expresses itself in the unique ability to interpret and use materials and in the creation of furniture pieces with the fascination of the unique piece. During its history Annibale Colombo had always defended – and still defends – its tradition: the use of rich materials, very high-level inlay and carving techniques and antique and expert gestures through which precise joints, smoothing and polishing are obtained, results of an excellent handicraft savoir-faire.

One of the main points in the production philosophy of Annibale Colombo is the respect of the natural environment: wood comes only from reafforested areas; dyeings are natural ones, with aniline; polishing is done with shell-lack and bees-wax, which not only smells very good but has also an antiseptic action, protecting wood from dust and parasites.

Also, the capability of the company to propose custom-made solutions is another example of Annibale Colombo know-how. Through the years the company has realized a lot of projects both in Italy and all over the world: extremely diversified works, dictated by the needs of different people’s tastes and cultural environments, different also as regards to the various architectural typology, but all of them very prestigious.

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