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Furniture Maker - Lombardia, Italy

Founded by Cesare and Umberto Cassina in Meda in 1927, the company launched industrial design in Italy during the 50’s by taking a completely new approach which saw a shift from handcraftsmanship to serial production. The company was pioneering in the way that it showed a striking inclination for research and innovation, combining technological skill with traditional craftsmanship. For the first time important architects and designers were involved and encouraged to envision new designs to be transformed into projects, a characteristic that still distinguishes the company. Today Cassina continues to represent new ways of living, creating complete and harmonious settings that bring together the best of design for each area of the home.


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We have a very eclectic catalogue of designs that span more than 100 years of history, all defined by the same Cassina DNA based on quality, excellence and avant-gardism


Cassina still today preserves its passion for wood workmanship and its carpentry workshop is a hub around which many of its designs are centred. Continuity between past and present inspires remarkable designs. One example is the 699 Superleggera chair (1957) by Gio Ponti, an iconic and completely modern interpretation of the Ligurian “chiavarina” chair, with expert wood workmanship that brings together the incomparable synthesis of solidity and lightness.

Today ‘The Cassina Perspective’ unites the company’s values to express the best in design - avant-gardism, authenticity, excellence and the combination of technological capacity with skilled handcraftsmanship – and offers a broad panorama of configurations for the home where innovative products and Modern icons come together to create complete and, above all, welcoming environments, dialoguing according to a unique design code based on excellence.

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