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Founded in response to the fears and restrictions emerging during the pandemic, Codega is a brand specialized in “multipurpose lamps” that seek to improve people’s quality of life. Enhancing comfort, safety, and well-being, the Serena Collection of indoor LED lamps bears a distinctive tech quality: combining the visual, biological, and emotional effects of light, each piece can synchronize people’s biological clocks or sanitize surfaces and environments.

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We create lamps designed not just to illuminate, but to take care of people. Codega


Codega is a new brand in the world of lighting that creates “multi-purpose lamps”, which not only do lighting but “dress” the light with the aim of improving people’s quality of life. From the Greek òdegos ("guide"), Codega owes its name to the Venetian "light bearer" who, around 1450, walked in front of the ladies to illuminate their path at night. A figure that belongs to our Italian history, but can also be considered archetypal, linked to the relationship between light and darkness. It was born from the reflection of the entrepreneurial couple Elena Baronchelli and Diego Giordani on the transformation of domestic spaces, and from a double meeting: with the lighting designers Serena Tellini and Francesco Iannone from Consuline and with the artisans Gianfausto and Michele Abbatinali from Brescia (TOlight). The idea is to create lamps that not only illuminate but also improve people's quality of life, positively influencing human biorhythms and sanitizing environments.

Creativity and innovation would be nothing without the skilful manufacture of those who have been dealing with lamps all their lives. Codega's lamps are born from the same laboratories in Brescia which are “the cradle” of Italian lighting design.

The “Monza Method” is a three-dimensional perception lighting system based on the use of LED lighting integrated with disciplines such as neuroscience and neuroaesthetics. It takes its name from the lighting project created for the Teodolinda Chapel in Monza, which has been the first application.

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