Veneto, Italy - Furniture Maker
Based in Verona, Codiceicona was founded in 2017 as brand ambassador of Italian design excellence, promoting timeless furniture, lighting, and home décor worldwide. The brand owns the rights to selected items by the great Italian masters of the Twentieth century revisited with contemporary flair. These iconic designs are revived by talented artisans in collaboration with Italian companies to capture the essence and authentic character of the famous designers who first created them.

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Codiceicona introduces the Italian business scene to a new idea for living the spirit of the time that is both simple and necessary. The idea revolves around the identification and renewal of unforgettable objects by the great masters of the 20th century.

This patient and passionate research is rewarded with unique discoveries both in the sense of the quality of the products and the personality of the creators. Once the “icons” have been identified according to codes of sensibility and shared values, the production process passes into the hands of talented artisans with an affinity for the workgroup.

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