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Lazio, Italy - Designer
Named after founder Selvaggia Arborio Mella’s family motto “Ex Forti Dulcedo” meaning “from strength comes forth sweetness”, this interior design brand established in 2020 represents the perfect synthesis of past formal aesthetics and contemporary functionality, each design inspired by Fine Arts with day-to-day living needs in mind. Keenly attentive to even the smallest of details, the sculptural and architectural lines of each piece are distinguished by precious textures, mixing solid metals and sensual fabrics in singular patterns and captivating colors combinations.

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Out of Volumes, the Elegance. Out of Materials, the Functionality. Out of Sculpture, Ex Forti. Ex Forti

Ex Forti

Ex Forti is an Interior Design Brand, raised in 2020 and built on the experience of Selvaggia Arborio Mella, specialist in Interior Design. The evocative name recalls the founder’s family motto “Ex Forti Dulcedo”, which is now rethought and used to present the Soul of the Brand. To be honest, Ex Forti is more than a brand: It’s a lifelong project born from the desire to create customized Design Items, synthesizing an encounter between past tributes and contemporary needs. Culture of Fine Arts, in all its facets, guides every single creation and shapes functional Designs for a day-to-day living, capable of creating a Practical Beauty.

As the Family Motto suggests, the fine ideas of Art, Elegance and Functionality are presented here by distinctive features, such as precious textures, solid metals and sinuous fabrics, which dress sculptural and architectural lines, experiencing the endless range of patterns and colors combinations. Through refined details and eye-catching combinations, each Ex Forti piece compliments every kind of Interior.

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