Francesco Maglia Milano

Lombardy, Italy - Umbrellas Maker
Every year, seven master artisans at Francesco Maglia Ombrelli - Milano, a historic luxury brand established in 1854 and based in Milan since 1876, craft 3000 exclusive umbrellas. Named after its founder, the company is now run by Giorgio Maglia and Francesco Maglia, the fifth and sixth generations, respectively. Each umbrella embodies a commitment to tradition and versatility, reflected in the exceptional tailored details and bespoke designs. Made to withstand the test of time, these umbrellas will give a distinctive touch to formal and casual ensembles even on the gloomiest of days.

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We change things every day, so it’s important to have something that will be with you forever Francesco Maglia Milano

Francesco Maglia Milano

Francesco Maglia umbrellas are a product from a different time; a time where people weren’t traveling by cars or by public transport. They would have to walk everywhere. So, the umbrella was one of the most important products for the population of the time,” Today, the tradition remains the same as it did when my great, great, great, great grandfather started the company in 1854. Every Francesco Maglia umbrella is made-to-measure in our workshop in Milano, offering a very large selection of products to our customers which are all uniquely different and perfectly made for you.

Winding the clock back, Francesco Maglia is one of the oldest manufacturers of umbrellas in the world, and one of the few surviving. Founded in 1854 by Francesco Maglia, he would travel from city to city making umbrellas for businessmen and prominent figures of the time. At the age of 20, Maglia decided to start his own company in Milan, seeing a gap in the market for this product as the city’s population grew. Now over 160-years later, Francesco Maglia continues to craft the same umbrella that forged its iconic status of today. Likened by royalty and the everyday businessman alike, for years business was thriving thanks to its ingenuity, quality, style, and design. Today, 28-year old Francesco Maglia not only carries the name of his founding ancestors but the baton for the next generation of Francesco Maglia customers: millennials. Bringing back that idea of owning a quality item for life –a romantic notion at that –a return to culture and curiosity is, perhaps, what is needed to elevate this brand to the next level.

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