Galbiati Fratelli

Lombardy, Italy - Furniture Maker
Galbiati Fratelli Company has been dedicated to producing exclusive furniture pieces since 1963. Master artisans blend traditional and leading-edge methods - from lost-wax casting to waterjet technology - to craft their signature collections. A small series of tables, mirrors, consoles, and chairs launched the brand in the ‘60s, while wrought iron and brass bed designs boomed between the ‘70s and ‘80s. Currently, the brand offers tailor-made pieces in a variety of styles sharing the same, unrivaled level of refinement.

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Research, experimentation and continuous improvement of the design with the use of new techniques. Galbiati Fratelli

Galbiati Fratelli

The starting point is a simple white sheet on which developing the lines and proportions of a product starts. From here we move on to the actual design of each component to then start the work. All products are processed with artisanal methods. The human hand is the first tool of work, each movement is guided by the experience gained over the years of practice and passion. The raw brass, in pipes, bars or in casting, is modeled and worked finely, polished, possibly gilded or silvered and finally protected with a transparent oven varnish to ensure its preciousness over time.

Galbiati is a reality capable of combining classical culture and contemporary engineering. The profound knowledge of the material, the secrets of processing, and the continued aesthetic research Galbiati at a high level among the most prestigious craftsmen of metalworking. On the basis of the success it has collected and collects around the world besides the excellent quality of its work process, there is also the ability to adapt its production to the customers’ needs.

The Collection

Alpemare Collection is the result of the collaboration between two Italian excellence: Galbiati Fratelli and Alpemare. 

Exclusive products, coming from essential and elegant lines, designed to enrich any outdoor space, from gardens to urban terraces. Stainless steel for naval use, wrought iron and selected metals, precious outdoor fabric: the extraordinary materials are combined with cutting-edge workmanship to create outdoor furniture elements that defy weather elements agents and aspire to eternity

Galbiati Fratelli

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