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Giuseppe Rivadossi
Giuseppe Rivadossi
Giuseppe Rivadossi
Giuseppe Rivadossi
Giuseppe Rivadossi

Giuseppe Rivadossi

Carpenter - Lombardia, Italy

Giuseppe Rivadossi was born in 1935. His first sculpture exhibition was in 1968 and since then his work has been featured in important anthological expositions and art catalogues. With his sons Emanuele and Clemente, he now manages Habito di Giuseppe Rivadossi, an atelier and workshop where his pieces come to life, where wood is hand worked, and assembled predominantly through joints to obtain objects that are both poetic and domestic, ancient and light, material and ethereal.


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We make manifest and concrete the secret and hidden forms of the universe.


From the beginning of his activity Giuseppe grasps the importance of the communicative dimension of architecture, landscape, and lived space, but his strength originates from the focus on archetypal and iconic objects\sculptures. His vocation as a sculptor has always led him toward the definition of single objects with a great evocative capacity, coming from visions of the beyond, and capable of suggesting to many, an original dimension, a dimension of origin. Thanks to this approach, Giuseppe leadsthe workshop to develop a highly oriented internal culture, both in terms of the commercial approach, as well as in terms of design, but also constructive and technical: that is, he develops a unique and exceptional identity, embodied in the works, techniques, and know-how of the company.

Giuseppe set up a culture of designing and building that leads us to consider a project as a unitary fact, one that considers the formal aspect inseparable from the the technical one, nor the constructive aspect from the ecological one, the cultural aspect from the identity one.

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All construction techniques and methods are born in full coherence with this vision, which contemplates reality as constituted by an interweaving of vital and foundational relationships that, if grasped and correctly interpreted, lead us to a unifying experience: the function to which a structure must perform is not limited to a strictly practical service, but the interpretation of the same arises from the tension to find a unity with the existing.

The absolute technique that most characterizes Giuseppe Rivadossi's construction methods is that of excavation from block, typical of sculpture, and embraced by Giuseppe for its evocative capacity for compactness and integrity. Such a technique naturally requires a profound knowledge of the material wood and complex and accurate manufacturing processes that no production reality today adopts: the wood must be selected, rough-hewn, dried, broken up, prismed and reassembled; at this point the block of material, still raw, in order to have its final form, goes on to be carved by gouge, just as if a sculpture were being made.