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Leathersmith - Toscana, Italy

Specialized in handmade leather goods of exceptional quality and class, Luhdo is committed to top-rate materials treated using century-old artisan techniques handed down generations. Meticulous research and exploration into form and style define its collections of bags, belts, blankets, and wraps together, all fiercely flaunting the iconic, registered "Intarsio Marquise" pattern of elegant rhombuses. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is rooted in tradition, making pieces that will withstand both trends and the test of time.


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Luhdo. House of Art. Holding on to Beauty and Value.


Luhdo's world has the ambition to playfully combine the experience of fine Italian craftsmanship with modern yet timeless design. With the in-depth knowledge of several excellent Italian master craftsmen specializing in leather goods and textiles, Luhdo combines the best materials with refined manual processes, enhancing a wealth of skills and traditions in the belief that true craftsmanship is rooted in history and handed down from generation to generation. This offering of products designed to last over time, made with meticulous care, is also a way to respond to the increasingly urgent need for sustainability, which requires overcoming the concept of seasonality and extending the life cycle of each product.

The Intarsio marquise is Luhdo's signature and it's a registered pattern design worldwide: created entirely by hand, it was designed to be easily recognizable with its understated elegance. The essential lines of all the items in the collection are created to be and to remain contemporary. Each piece is carefully designed in every detail and developed entirely in Italy, in specific areas that have the best artisans. It is designed to last over time and to become part of a person's home and experiences.

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