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Tonucci Collection
Tonucci Collection
Tonucci Collection
Tonucci Collection
Tonucci Collection
Tonucci Collection
Tonucci Collection

Tonucci Collection

Furniture Maker - Marche, Italy

First-rate craftsmanship and environmental awareness distinguish Tonucci Collection, an interior design brand founded in 1970 by Enrico Tonucci. Working with a small, dedicated team of expert artisans between le Marche and Emilia Romagna, Tonucci Collection uses natural raw materials processed in an eco-friendly manner to create distinctive pieces that are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and ergonomic for private and public spaces. Viola Tonucci joined Tonucci in 2004 and later became partner in 2012 and owner in 2022.


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We create beauty and comfort taking into account new environmental sensitivity and attention to the welfare of the person

Tonucci Collection

Tonucci Collection is a brand of Tonucci Design studio, a company with a history of design and production of sustainable and high-uality handcrafted furnishing.
It was founded in 1970, when Enrico Tonucci started his design business for major Italian and foreign furnishing companies, gaining an extremely significant experience first as a designer and then as an entrepreneur, when he founded and directed his own companies.
Viola Tonucci got her college degree at Urbino Art School Scuola del Libro and then her master degreeat IED in Milan, graduating in graphic design and industrial design for jewellery; she started her collaboration with the studio in 2004, she became partner in the business in 2012 and in 2022 she acquired a controlling stake and took over the leadership of the brand.
The team is made of a restricted number of people, dedicated and qualified trusted collaborators working together with the Tonuccis in communication, sales, and production depts.
The production of furniture and complements of the brand is created with natural materials in the respect of the natural and human world.
Tonucci Collection’s mission is to combine design and production process to create beauty and comfort, having regard for the contemporary awareness towards the environment protection as well as the attention to the well-being of people in public and private spaces. The whole production is handcrafted in Italy, by the best artisans around Marche and Romagna regions.

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