Maria Vittoria Paggini

Tuscany, Italy - Designer
Maria Vittoria Paggini creates limited-edition collections of decor design objects and furniture inspired by contemporary essentialism merged with sublime traditional craftsmanship. Outlined by expressive yet minimalist shapes, her pieces are visually dynamic and texturally soothing. Paggini is driven by a holistic design narrative: “I believe in a living house, one that expresses emotions, one in which colors follow the rhythm of the heart”.

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I believe in a house that conveys emotions, a home that lives and lives again, where colors follow the rhythm of our moods. Maria Vittoria Paggini

Maria Vittoria Paggini

Maria Vittoria’s vision draws on the past to create a new, essential and iconic contemporary where historical references become primary geometries in harmony with space. The decision to work by hand is a fundamental aspect of her poetics; the handmade, the lived-in, the object that has a history are all “living” elements. This is why Maria Vittoria’s objects, in their essentiality, vibrate with that artisan flavor, far from the standardized taste of mass-produced products. 

Maria Vittoria Paggini is an experiential design where the movement of lines, the feeling of materials to the touch, and the position of objects in the space they are in, create a new non-verbal communication. It is a narrative in the making, driven by an innate desire to create new emotional itineraries. What is established between the designer and the client and between the artist and their creation is a dialogue of affinities -between inspiration and intuition, between talent and imagination, between the creator and the owner, between the object and the space that celebrates it.

Every created object is actual and is made by these shared emotions, what makes it unique is the passion from where it was born. A passion that is renewed every time Maria Vittoria separates herself from a work of art, leaving it free to be interpreted as its own role in the space that it is in.

Each piece, whether objects or furniture, is unique and limited edition. The space in which they go has been thought out and is conceived and designed in harmony for those who live in it.

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