Mario Cioni & C

Tuscany, Italy - Glassmith
Founded by Mario Cioni, this eponymous brand celebrates artistic crystal artifacts and glassware in several historic collections that showcase impeccable craftsmanship and timeless style. In all its masterpieces, the exquisite quality of crystal and the use of traditional crafting methods create eye-catching designs that bring ethereal elegance, unique decorative patterns, and intriguing designs into sophisticated homes.

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From 1958 to today: over fifty years of passion, creativity & brilliant ideas Mario Cioni & C

Mario Cioni & C

Passion, creativity, painstaking care: only these are the elements that can transform mere sand into a timeless dream. The magic of this combination has given life to the creations of Mario Cioni & C.This is the focus of Mario Cioni & C philosophy: giving pleasure to those who choose its creations. To achieve this goal, the company has directed the experience of more than 60 years of activity towards the creation of its collections that are different and complementary for inspiration and purpose of use, destined to realize the hedonistic dream of each and every person.

High craftsmanship, exclusive know-how, quality control, and careful service have allowed the company to emerge as leader regarding the workmanship for mouth-blown and hand-engraving crystals.

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The absolute beauty of crystal stems from the perfect combination of the four elements which, according to ancient philosophers, give life to the entire universe: air, earth, water, and fire. 

Mother earth supplies the raw materials –silicon powder and lead oxide –which the power of fire joins together indissolubly in the melting pot. The air, blown into the incandescent crystal by master glass-makers, gives the crystal its first plastic shape which is then fixed by immersing it into water. It is a process that draws its strength from nature and which finds its ultimate expression through the skilled work of man. 

The selection and the combination of the basic ingredients and the careful supervision of the melting phase are key factors for the production of flawless crystal; then, it is the skill of the blowers and cutters that make each creation unique and irreplaceable.

Mario Cioni & C

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