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MM Lampadari
MM Lampadari
MM Lampadari
MM Lampadari
MM Lampadari
MM Lampadari

MM Lampadari

Lighting Maker - Veneto, Italy

Created in 1966 in the Veneto region, MM Lampadari has grown to be one of the most important interior lighting companies in the world. Its timeless pieces feature different materials such as Murano glass, all crafted using traditional methods, of which the most characteristic is iron, still hand-worked by expert artisans. Classic forms and modern allure coexist in these lamps that are unique and elegant works of art.


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Every piece we produce holds an artisanal spirit which represents the Italian soul of decoration


MM Lampadari was born in 1966, growing internationally over the last half-century and becoming one of the most important Italian companies in the field of interior lighting. What identifies MM Lampadari is the ability to forge the iron following the traditional technique, even now. MM Lampadari has a distinct style, works with passion, and creates artwork to light each space with style and uniqueness.

MM Lampadari is able to mix in unique creations materials such as iron and Murano glass, looking to the future and offering historical pieces always with new looks and pieces thoroughly contemporary.

Each product is checked and signed, another guarantee in terms of reliability, quality, and style, respecting people and environments. Light takes shape in the product offered by MM Lampadari, thanks to care for details, for functional and aesthetic aspects, and a perfect balance between innovation, technology, and creativity. Tradition and know-how become a real expression of “Made in Italy”, the unique and timeless value of Italian design.

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Matteo Zorzenoni

This series of lamps is a tribute to the ancient techniques of Murano glassmaking. The combination in a single product of mold-blown glass and caged blown glass, pure exaltation of the ancient art of the glass masters. To further embellish the whole, each lamp is decorated with a 24K galvanic gold bath. An indissoluble union between the metal structure and Murano glass that seem to embrace and almost merge into a single entity, producing an ethereal effect of extreme elegance. Pill is available in two glass colours: smoked and amber.