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Founded in 2018, NOT.Ordinary is the brainchild of Ferruccio Laviani and Felice Rizzotti born from the desire to create a design brand whose production is rooted in local Sicilian traditions. Driven by meticulous and thorough research into form and style, NOT.Ordinary embodies high-quality Italian craftsmanship through its collections of traditional Moor’s heads, vases, cabinets and interior decor pieces.

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Not.Ordinary expresses a creativity based on local production capacity and traditions, as well as being interested in exploring new and unexpressed ones NOT.Ordinary


Not.Ordinary takes on the complex challenge of dealing with an ancient legacy and a very different dimension to the one designers usually work in, but which perhaps for this very reason is full of manufacturing and commercial potential. The project aims to revalue local craftsmanship by inscribing its contribution to an industrial product chain, something that inevitably requires evolution to showcase its unique features while guiding it towards contemporary languages.

The first collection by Not.Ordinary draws on artisan know-how and expertise combined with industrial production. The idea of producing unique pieces is far removed from the reasons that inspired a brand identified with the inimitable mix of craftsmanship and industry typical of ‘Made in Italy’ design, recognized internationally for its excellence. Against this backdrop, Not.Ordinary wants to be an explicit statement of the national character of Italian design, which is not limited to historically consolidated districts because there is creativity and demand for high-quality production everywhere, and often what is needed most is a powerful determination to be a catalyst, organizing them into a business and creating something new.

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