Nuove Forme

Tuscany, Italy - Ceramist
Founded in 1993, Nuove Forme follows on the footsteps of Alvino Bagni, an expert in Art History and Italian Design, who founded the previous ceramic atelier in 1946. Together with Gianfranco Ghiretti, Paolo Nerucci, and Maria Chiara Ghiretti, he creates beautiful ceramic pieces using techniques honed with passion and decades of practice. Nuove Forme owns several historical designs, carefully kept in the archives, that are constantly developed through new experiments and collaborations with artists, designers, and architects.

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Experimentation with materials, glazes’ colours and shapes. Nuove Forme

Nuove Forme

Nuove Forme uses tailored pottery’s manufacturing and unique textures. Its history goes back to a region close to Florence, Lastra A Signa and Signa’s area, an area well known for soil production. The production is varied and unique. It comes from Alvino Bagni’s cultural and artistic expertise. Knowledge he passed down to Gianfranco Ghiretti and his granddaughter Maria Chiara. Dexterity and technique that stems for decades of artist collaborating. Artists such as: Enzo Borgini, Remo Buti and Michele Santonocito, worked first with Alvino Bagni and after with Nuove Forme.

All of this translates into unique, modern design for pottery’s production, along with re-creation of pieces from the historical collection or tailored made based on client’s outline.

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