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Porte Italia
Porte Italia
Porte Italia
Porte Italia
Porte Italia

Porte Italia

Furniture Maker - Veneto, Italy

Creating art in the form of furniture, Porte Italia merges old-world Italian design and modern aesthetic to craft the only existing hand-painted furniture fashioned in the 18th century Venetian style. This artistic venture was spearheaded by American designer Ann Graham and Enrico Lenarduzzi and his family, reviving the 400year-oldartistic craftendemic to the region. This family-run company is unique also for its business philosophy, adopting the innovative approach of enlisting the entire villages of Terzo di Aquileia and Cervignano to bring timeless works of art to life.


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The only furniture in the world that sings in fluent Italian.


At Porte Italia, descendants and devotees of the same craftsmen whose original woodwork, painting and design still grace the villas of Palladio and palazzos along Venice’s Grand Canal, are once again using furniture, chandeliers, walls, ceilings and doors as their canvas.

Using Venice-inspired colors, finishes and decorations, Porte Italia is bringing old-world Italian handcrafted design and quality back to the new world order of modern interiors.

For over 400 years, Porte Italia's tradition has been painting and decoration for the finest homes, villas and palaces in the world. All by hand, from tiny home studios and paint-perfumed garages. A legion of talent eager to apply their brushes to the furniture, frescos, ceilings and doors of their forefathers – the kind still on display at Venice’s Ca’ Rezzonico Museum.

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