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Possoni Illuminazione
Possoni Illuminazione
Possoni Illuminazione
Possoni Illuminazione
Possoni Illuminazione

Possoni Illuminazione

Lighting Maker - Lombardia, Italy

Elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship, Possoni Illuminazione is an interior lighting family business founded in 1963 in Nova Milanese. Renowned both nationally and internationally for its sophisticated chandeliers, lamps, and wall fixtures, Possoni has a meticulous production process that combines traditional handcrafting with innovative machinery to create highly intricate pieces down to the last detail. A high degree of flexibility and readiness in finding the solutions that best suit the needs of a wide customer base is another key trait of Possoni Illuminazione.


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Possoni Illuminazione uses noble materials, brass as the metal combined with remarkable hand-cut transparent or coloured crystals with unique decorations

The prestigious, refined elegance of the creations made with the quality and precision of the best craftsmanship tradition is the element that has characterised the entire production of Ditta Artigiana Lampadari, a highly qualified company founded in 1963 by Mr. Pasquale Possoni, a man of great entrepreneurial ability, who was awarded the honour of Cavaliere del Lavoro in 1994. He involved his entire family in his activity, and his sons have been able to continue and develop their father's business philosophy over the years.
Specialising in the creation of brass chandeliers, which fully reflect the classic stylistic taste, Ditta Artigiana Lampadari has been the protagonist of a national and international expansion, which has led its prestigious production to be recognised worldwide as an example of a highly qualitative and excellent Italian handicraft
The company, which later took the name Possoni Illuminazione, combines the attention to detail typical of artisanal tradition and flexibility, which is the customer orientation of Possoni Illuminazione to always find the best solutions to meet different needs.
The company's headquarters have always been in Nova Milanese, but if in the beginning production took place in a restricted area, now it can count on a production reality that extends over an area of 2500 square metres. However, the galvanicand colouring processes take place outside this area, which has become residential over the years.

Possoni Illuminazione is not just a company that produces interior lighting. For 60 years it has been above all a guarantee of a 100% Made in Italy product, with attention to detail that makes this company synonymous with timeless elegance.
The use of noble materials, the harmony of elements and colours, the meticulous work of decoration, combined with the strong passion that distinguishes the company, make every single piece inimitable, thus creating not mere products, but true furnishing elements, unique light collections that confer original and
unexpected forms of style to the house.
Possoni Illuminazione uses noble materials, brass as the metal combined with transparent or coloured crystals of not able value ground by hand with exclusive decorations, alabaster in various colours and with customisations, blown glass, not to forget the Schoeler and di Rocca crystal used in the pendants, which are certainly the best on the market.
In addition to the use of galvanic baths to gold and silver-plate the brass, most of the finishes require the use of manual applications such as abrasive pastes to obtain satin-finish, varnishes for silver/gold, powders or earths for French gold, and gold leaf for rust/leaf. The finishes therefore vary from the mostclassic to the most specific, enhancing the various particularities of the individual object and giving it antique atmospheres that are always up-to-date.

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