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Lombardy, Italy - Textiles Designer
Located in its historic Macherio headquarters only a few kilometers outside of Milan, Rivolta Carmignani has been producing prized linens for over 150 years. Now run by the fifth and sixth generations, the unrivaled quality of the yarns, the sartorial expertise, and the tailor-made optioning earned it international plaudit amongst exclusive hospitality contexts worldwide. Timeless class is its trademark, made possible thanks to the coexistence of artisan techniques, cutting-edge technologies, and traditional elements.

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Quality linen is timeless. It crosses the generations and weaves a special relationship between ourselves and our home. Rivolta Carmignani

Rivolta Carmignani

For 150 years Rivolta Carmignani has been producing fine linens in its historic Macherio headquarters, only a few kilometers from Milan. The quality of the fabrics along with exquisite tailoring has made the company an ambassador of premier Italian manufacturing at the most prestigious hotels and exclusive restaurants in the world. Today this talent and expertise have been extended to the home, offering the experience of an exclusive journey in everyday life; from a beautifully laid table to the intimacy of a welcoming bed.

Rivolta Carmignani is the only Italian manufacturer with a fully integrated process that begins with the selection of precious yarns through to the production of the most refined jacquard. The production process combines ancient and rare craftsmanship (cutting, hemming, and hand embroidery) with the latest generation looms, ensuring amazingly durable high-quality linens and endless customization options. Its centuries-old archive of exquisite decoration and embroideries continues to be renewed with modern appeal while maintaining its timeless elegance.

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Spanning six generations of textile entrepreneurs, the history of Rivolta Carmignani is inextricably interwoven with family life, so to speak. Their Milanese trait the long-term vision, the sensitivity to international markets, the cult of innovation, attention to people, territory, and environment. These are the key factors that enabled the company to become a market leader in over 90 countries worldwide, supplying exquisitely tailored linen for refined hoteliers. 

With Filippo, ambassador of the sixth generation of the Rivolta, the company returns to its origins. Thanks to his exceptional knowledge of the hospitality industry, he created a collection of linens solely dedicated to home decoration, revitalizing ancient craftsmanship. 

Unique craftsmanship and knowledge of precious yarns allow for the creation of the finest textiles, finished with meticulous accuracy and customized with sartorial precision for each individual customer. Among the few companies to maintain an entirely Italian production chain, Rivolta Carmignani has been a proud ambassador of ‘Made in Italy’ worldwide since the 19th century. Its historical flair for international business encourages maintaining an open and dynamic culture.

Rivolta Carmignani

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