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Roberto Milan Scultura
Roberto Milan Scultura
Roberto Milan Scultura
Roberto Milan Scultura
Roberto Milan Scultura
Roberto Milan Scultura
Roberto Milan Scultura

Roberto Milan Scultura

Sculptor - Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

Roberto Milan is introduced to the sculptural art of woodworking at a young age in the family tradition workshop. Talented mentors have influenced his artistic path. His design aesthetic blends ancient techniques with modernity of contemporary forms and visions inspired in particular by the idea of cosmic energies. His works can be found in prestigious international private and public collections, notable appearances at Art Basel Show, International Art Fair in Miami and Sofa in Chicago.


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Dialoguing with wood, a continuous stimulus of creativity and emotions, through careful and sensitive interpretations of the potential of the material I express in my innermost thoughts


Master Roberto Milan was born in Udine.

He trained in the prestigious wood sculpture workshop of family tradition and attended the G. Sello Art Institute under the guidance of D Basaldella, A. Lucatello and P. Mucchiut, cultivating the art of gouge and chisel from a very young age.

He works mainly with wood, which he also elegantly combines with Murano glass, bronze and steel.

He studies and delves into the ancient techniques and secrets of pigments, earths, patinas, polychromes, and gilding of wood, which he skillfully combines with the modernity of contemporary forms.

He collaborates with American art galleries and exhibits during Art Basel Show, Miami International Art Fair (Miami FL), and at SOFA International Art and Design Fair in Chicago (IL).

He collaborates with leading architects, interior designers and art consultants furnishing and customizing public, private and sacred spaces.

Among maestro Milan's latest projects, noteworthy is his collaboration, as an international testimonial, with the Acqua di Parma perfume house, a brand for which he exclusively sculpted a work for each fragrance in "The Signature of the Sun" collection.

In 2023 during the 4th Edition of the Midolini Award he received an honorable mention for his artistic career.

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