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Founded in 1978 by Basilio Sanna and his wife Elisabetta, Sartapp specializes in the design and creation of magnificent Sardinian rugs from Samugheo, Sardinia. Spread across three different ateliers across the Sardinian region, artisans deftly interweave a rich, traditional patrimony with a contemporary aesthetic sensibility. Meticulous craftsmanship is revealed in the superb, delicate details that enrich each rug.

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Art and traditions of Sardinia handed down. Sartapp


Sartapp's great production is known all over the world for the originality of the creations that are made thanks to the bright and original flair of the artists within the company. Sartapp uses the tradition, the culture and the mentality of the Sardinian people, that has so much to offer and donate. The work produced resides and follows the footsteps of the island's greatness, revisited in the motifs that celebrate this culture. 

The artifacts are woven in traditional looms and are made with the ancient technique called "pibiones". Even the materials used belong to Sardinian culture and continue to give life to Sartapp's identity: Sardinian sheep's wool, linen, cotton. Sartapp's products are characterized by the fact that there is the registered trademark of production, so as to make them truly original and unique at the same time.

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