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Travertini & Pietre
Travertini & Pietre
Travertini & Pietre
Travertini & Pietre
Travertini & Pietre
Travertini & Pietre

Travertini & Pietre

Furniture Maker - Toscana, Italy

Specialized in marble and prized stones for home renovation projects, Travertini & Pietre is a family-run company in Vaiano (PO) founded in 1927 renowned for its workmanship, attention to detail, elegance, and high-quality materials. Under the leadership of Alberto Riccarelli, the company has developed a line of interior design furnishings and accessories created by architect Antonio Saporito. Saporito’s multidisciplinary training and diverse skillset influence his style, marked by ergonomic and functional forms that are also precious and attractive.


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Nowadays, as in the past,he use of stone and marble awakens in humans the perception of their origins.

Travertini & Pietre has been combining tradition and future for 95 years. Its history begins in the Sienese territory of Asciano and Rapolano Terme, in 1927, when the Riccarelli family began operating as a company specializing in marble andtravertine wholesale, in slabs and blocks, contributing to the transformation of the market and making local stone materials known in Italy and around the world.
Precision in workmanship, innovative ideas, care and attention to detail, elegance of formand unique products are the hallmarks of Travertini & Pietre's choice of materials and work.

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