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Silversmith - Veneto, Italy

Zanetto, founded in 1963, is a workshop of highly skilled silversmiths devoted to the crafting of decorative household objects in silver, silver-plate and fine metal alloys. Their products are distinguished by a sophisticated blend of innovative design and unparalleled workmanship. At the foundation of their philosophy is the steadfast tradition of handcrafting every single item in their production line, combined with the high sense of style the world has come to expect from Italian design.


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For over 57 years we have been producing unique home decor and tableware objects, preserving the history, savoir-faire, and fascinating techniques of metal processing


Zanetto is a craftsmanship reality born in 1963 in Padua, Italy. The company creates, entirely by hand, home decor objects and tableware using bronze, copper, brass, silver, and other noble metals.

In a production world driven by speed, where faster production times mean competing and winning, Zanetto goes against the flow and stay true to a production model that is not undermined by the idea of productivity at all costs. According to made in Italy standards. Zanetto's luxury craftsmanship is based primarily on respect for the individual, the material, the work, and the environment. It is, therefore, “responsible” luxury, arising from a commitment to create and offer “beautiful works with significant intrinsic and aesthetic value”, without negatively impacting the surrounding environment or the survival of the planet.

Zanetto's production activities follow the principles of sustainability and are based entirely in Italy, carried out by highly specialized workers.

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