About Artemest

Blooming Chandeliers

Embrace the arrival of Spring and indulge in our exquisite assortment of floral chandeliers. From breathtaking designs created following the historic Venetian glass traditions to timeless handmade porcelain pieces, immerse yourself in a world of blossoming chandeliers and uncover some unique lighting pieces to elevate your interiors.

Each piece of the collection comes from a careful handcrafting process, bonding the artisan's talent and creativity with the beautiful materials. Admire the sumptuousness of the chandeliers from Striuli vetri d'arte, the gracefulness of pieces by Multiforme, the modern designs of VGnewtrend, the enchanting creations from I Borbone Capodimonte, the outstendingness of Mezzaluna and the mastered glasswork from both Artemisia and Luci Italia.