Comfort Seating

At the end of the day there is nothing more sublime than sinking into a soft armchair and being enveloped by its warm softness. Here, a curated selection of luxury seating pieces designed for relax with exquisitely refined materials, comfortable and wrapping: perfect for winter season.

Explore our collection of comfortable and soft seating pieces. Lately we spend most of our day at home, there is nothing better than enjoying the domestic warmth sitting in our favorite armchair or lying on the sofa with a good book.

In this curated selection, the best handcrafted seating pieces have been collected: from the comfortable velvet armchair by ​Ghidini 1961 to the generous lounge chairs by​ Amura; from the retro-chic sofas by ​Black Tie to the classic eco-fur armchairs by ​Ciarmoli Queda Studio

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