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Mixed Textures

When styling interior spaces, the choice of materials can greatly influence the overall look of the space. Opting for wood can create a more welcoming and warm ambiance, while marble can complement an already modern environment. In some cases, the textural elements of these surfaces are of significant importance and become the focal point of the entire room. Mixing two or more of these textures creates a unique element, imparting character to the space without the necessity of adding bold pops of color. This collection features a variety of pieces characterized by the blend of different textures, made possible thanks to the skilled hands of some of the finest Italian artisans.

Creating a truly captivating and harmonious interior design goes beyond selecting the right furniture pieces or color scheme. One often-overlooked aspect of design that can make a significant difference is texture. It is capable of adding depth, character, and visual interest to your space. Rough and coarser textures like wood or terracotta have more visual weight and create a cozy, rustic aesthetic, while smooth or shiny textures, including metals and glass, reflect more light and create a more contemporary finish.

Our Mixed Textures collection showcases a variety of pieces where two or more of these textures intertwine, creating stunning, unique pieces to add a one-of-a-kind look to your space. You will find smaller décor pieces such as the Tall Trascorso Vase by Gumdesign, characterized by the mix of terracotta and marble, or the Wideville candleholder by Giobagnara, combining glass, rattan, and leather. Alternatively, you will be able to choose interesting furniture pieces like the Glory bedside table by Medea 1905, with a blend of nubuck leather, marble, and metal in a stunning copper shade, or the Elemento table by Laura Meroni, featuring a stunning mix of Port Laurent marble and extra-clear crystal with a modular structure alternating stone and glass. Browse through the different options and choose the piece that best suits the style of your interiors to add an intriguing element to your space.