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Barba Design
Barba Design
Barba Design
Barba Design
Barba Design
Barba Design
Barba Design

Barba Design

Furniture Maker - Puglia, Italy

Based in Monteroni di Lecce, Apulia, Barba Design was founded by carpenter Mattia Barba in 2015. Finding its roots in Barba’s family carpentry business, the brand is an expression of Mattia’s craftsmanship, respect for traditions, and a shared passion for “cementine”, the floors of ancient farmhouses. Along with the industrial designer Manuela Pelizzon, Barba Design asserts its distinctive aesthetic with its collections, marked by ancient colors and decorations that merge past and present in clean lines and strong character.


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The idea that Barba Design furniture enters people's lives gives us back the responsibility to produce them at their best, with maniacal attention to detail and quality of materials. They must be perfect, today and tomorrow.
Made entirely in Lecce in our carpentry workshop, they combine craftsmanship and industrial processes, the use of advanced technologies, and the most complete customisation. Made-to measure, for us, is the standard.
A distinctivefeature of the surfaces is the expressive power of the geometric decoration. A classy decoration that is never an end in itself, but the result of a contemporary path and reinterpretation.
This istheirchallenge: to take Barba Design creations all over the world, communicating the territorythey come from. Without inter mediaries, privileging the direct relationship with their customers.

Barba Design was born under the Salento sun. Roots rooted in the ancient knowledge of family carpentry, eyes turned towards new horizons. It is here that Mattia Barba matures over the years with an ambitious vision: to create a line of trulyunique furniture, without equal, a harmony of shapes and signs capable of releasing a noble beauty. Barba Design is also the fruit of an encounter because it is from encounters that the new is often born. Thus began the collaboration with Arch. Manuela Pelizzon, an established designer who in 2014 gave life to Tiles, the first whimsical, refined collection in homage to the art and tradition of Salento. Since then, other collections have been born: it is the beginning of a new language, still to be written.

It is not just a piece of furniture. For Salento carpentry, a piece of furniture is more: it must tell a story, and convey emotion in everyday spaces. Barba Design's philosophy is encapsulated in this simple concept. That is why there is always an interweaving of the past and future in our creations. An inspiration that turns
from tradition into innovation: the reinterpretation of Salento cement tiles in the Tiles collection, the reference to ancient Japanese techniques in the Trame collection,the homage to the olive trees of our land in the Hug collection...
Barba Design furniture thus entersintoa relationship with those who live it. The wood, the colours, the rigorous lines of the design, and the elegance of the textures become, within thehome, a way of telling a story about oneself.

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