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Multifunctional Interiors

Living room or hotel lounge, play room or studio, home or retail space. Multifunctional interior design brings many innovative and interesting solutions that you can incorporate into your living spaces, improving their functionality and appeal. Explore our collection of furniture for open layouts that create multifunctional interior design in contemporary styles.

​As the world of interior design progresses, new themes and trends emerge following the influence of modern society. In recent times, with the rise of new ways of working and living such as home offices and coworkings, the spaces that we use everyday have adapted to this fluidity: the line between living spaces is blurred, and design has followed with a new conception of multifunctional pieces.

Comfortable seatings for resting, waiting and enjoying the communal spaces by Ulivi Salotti, wide tables for dining and working by ​UpGroup, versatile pieces such as benches and coffee tables by ​Chapel Petrassi: explore our curated selection of functional and appealing furniture that will elevate the layout of a project while making it usable and enjoyable for every occasion.

Your bag is waiting to be filled with treasures that will transform your home into a realm of sophistication and comfort
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