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Between Land and Stone: Sextantio, Matera

Hidden between the stunning landscape of the town of Matera and its Sassi, the traditional village graven in the Apennine rocks, Sextantio is a unique hotel with rooms scattered around the stones and caves, built in a radical effort to preserve the local architectural heritage. With natural, minimal yet warm interiors, explore Sextantio’s mission of creating the perfect restful and contemplative experience for its adventurous guests.

​In Southern Italy, deep into the Basilicata region and perched on the bare hills, stands the city of Matera. Described as one of the most unique landscapes of the world, the city is composed of scenic houses dug into the calcarenitic rock that characterizes the land, locally known as tufo, a peculiar type of stone that gives the scenery a dreamy grey and white tone.

The city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993, and has bee recognized in 2019 as the Cultural Capital of the world, celebrating the importance of its one-of-a-kind architectural heritage, that houses today hundreds of different bars, shops, museums and even hotels. Here, the Sextantio projects was born, a series of different rooms scattered around Matera to give its guests an unforgettable experience.

​The Sextantio lies on the Civita side, the older part of Matera, and is comprised of 18 different rooms "diffused" on the hill and between the rocks, as the owners call them. This ambitious project (that includes another similar hotel in the Appennini region) was born with a clear mission of renovating, elevating and upgrading the original heritage of the land beginning with its unique and almost primitive residential structures.

The original structure was completely preserved, and where the architectural support was missing the Sextantio group decided to employ traditional materials from the land only, using the same stone that composes the caves. Imperfection, rough patches and asymmetries are purposefully highlighted, to show the signs of the passing of time that make the location so authentic.

​The 18 rooms are, of course, scattered in the natural caves and holes of the hill, and follow a bound outline that makes the majority of them sinuous open spaces with frugal interiors. The stone walls are the true protagonists of the environment, with hight ceilings illuminated by the natural light that shines through the wooden doors and solid wood additions such as writing desks and elevated benches.

Decorated with melted candles, iron decor and braided chairs, the spaces carry a romantic atmosphere that combines with a monastic essence. This particular style is the perfect way to do justice to the primordial material essence of the stone and the cave, with somehow extreme choices of preservation of the original spaces to guarantee an authentic experience without compromising residential comfort.

An outmost attention to details is shown in the raw materials of the textile choices, with organic sheets and quilts, and in truly picturesque additions like in-bedroom bathtubs and antique mirrors.

​The entrance of the rooms is directly to the narrow streets of Matera, giving the guests the possibility of strolling in this almost surreal atmosphere right after exiting the space, where local farmers and workers spend the majority of their evenings.

In their free time, guests can enjoy a number of curated activities to further immersions themself in the vibrant cultural life of the city, such as a candlelit dinner in one of the ancient churches of Matera or a classic aperitivo with local organic wines and teas. With cooking lessons under the expert guidance of a mother and cook from Matera and Spa service directly into your room, the possibility are endless.

Sextantio Matera is able to convey in a single stay the rural traditions of its land, respectfully adapted to modern times, with a careful and luxurious hotellerie experience in one of the most unique places on earth, in an unforgettable stay for every guest.

​Sextantio - Le Grotte della Civita

Via Civita 28 (Sasso Barisano), 75100, Matera

+39 0835 332744


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