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The Nomadic Spirit of Gio Pagani

Author of stories molded into shapes, Gio Pagani forges his signature style as a symbol of unconventional elegance, where boldness and eclecticism merge with the pursuit of practicality. Meet the architect and designer and discover the secrets behind his creative soul.

​Gio ​Pagani established his design studio in Parma in 1995 with the mission of providing architectural and design solutions characterized by distinctive elegance and strong personality. Designing unique objects that engage all the senses in an emotional whirlwind, Gio Pagani creates a universe made of multiform inspirations and unique atmospheres.

Imagination and fantasy merge with a tactile and aesthetic experience, outcome of multiple suggestions coming from Pagani’s travels. Travel and discovery are key elements in the evolution of Gio Pagani’s creative soul, driven by a strong propensity for exchanges and interactions. The ​GIOPAGANI Collection emerges from all the stimuli that have steered his professional career. His love for projects and research into materials come together, giving shape to objects in which visionary design and contemporary fashion inspiration define a personal, refined taste.

Just like pieces of a puzzle, Giopagani capsule collections are part of a larger and more complex project: World Apart. What creative impulse led you to put together this great "artistic container"?

Today, being creative means laying it bare, letting oneself be engrossed by your experiences and inspirations. It means to experiment with changing and evolving aesthetic imagery. I wanted to set up my world - "a world apart" - like a book about these shifting perceptions. Each capsule collection represents a chapter exploring these different stories; the inspiration is mentioned only to make users aware of the world generating such a shape, fully aware that every object must have its own identity, origin, and worth.

Each capsule collection represents a universe within which it is possible to travel in time and space to discover new stylistic inspirations. What does it mean for you to travel and get in touch with new cultures?

The journey, whether physical or mental, is the spark that gives life to creativity, that allows us to go out of our comfort zone and to take on new challenges. To explore with curiosity what is unknown and what we might not fully understand at that moment. To set free the inspiration of those who are restless, who love to question themselves and take on new aesthetics.

Your background has its roots in a deep love for history, which led you to formally study architectural restoration. How does history fit into your projects and serve as a source of inspiration for the Giopagani collections?

I believe that a solid knowledge of history is the basis of any architect’s creative journey. I study history in order to be able to design the present while looking to the future. I like to think that every gesture captures the appreciation for a significant memory, and that the objects we create can convey stories and characters that in the past have left a mark on the world of design.

We need to surround ourselves with objects that can give us a sense of direction in our daily lives, because some of them will help us make sense of more important things.

Fleurs du Mal is perhaps your most experimental collection, interpreting a style that goes beyond convention. Why did you choose to quote Charles Baudelaire and how did you draw inspiration from the stylistic avant-garde typical of the fashion world?

For me, Baudelaire's work represents the poetics of travel, the idea of leaving without knowing where the journey will lead you! “For a young man in love with maps and prints, the universe is equal to the boundless longing. How big is the world under the light of a lamp, how petty in the eyes of memory! […]”. That is experimentation for me: questioning oneself, observing familiar realities with new eyes and those not yet known to us with an open mind. This is what avant-garde in fashion represents to me and what I love the most about it: having no limits in daring in order to learn how to create something out of experiences.

Form and matter come together in your creations, giving life to true stylistic icons. Tell us about the creative process behind one of your design pieces.

My creative process stems from a suggestion, from an overwhelming emotional involvement. It can be a historical period, a memorable character, a narration by an author. From that moment on, shapes imbued with such inspiration come to life. Following the same process, research begins into the materials that will complete them, give them character, infuse a quality - either sensual or bold - thereby completing the process that gives objects their own identity.

In your opinion, what is design and how will it evolve? How will such a complex present impact the future?

Today, design means having no style barriers; experimenting by becoming aware of ethical design; following sustainable production processes. Elevating production by seeking out artisan excellence, bearers of ancient knowledge that cannot be lost. Creating durable objects - far from the concept of mass production and fast furniture - which are conceived to last with the coming generations, thus restoring value to the essence of Style.

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