Tailored Luxury by Melanie Morris

Meet Melanie Morris and discover her unique design approach and luxurious aesthetics. Her New York based interior design practice specializes in high-end residential and commercial spaces, utilizing custom furniture and impactful art collections to create tailored enviroments for her clients.

​Melanie Morris Interiors, is an interior designer with expertise in large scale luxury residential and commercial design. She is recognized for her talent to create spaces that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but that work on a practical level as well. Her distinct personality is full of life and she embraces a deep passion for her work. She takes clients through the process step by step and ensures that they are as excited about it as she is. She relates to her clients on a personal level, easily adapting and refining her approach to meet specific client needs. Her distinct individuality and enthusiasm for her craft resonate in her design.

Melanie Morris Interiors is a full service interior design firm located in New York. The scope of her work is extensive, as it includes architectural consulting, contract management, custom furniture, millwork and vintage furniture sourcing. Melanie’s projects span across the East Coast with current projects in Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Long Island, Greenwich and Massachusetts.

Pastel colors, velvet details and comfortable furnishings: discover in our interview how Melanie is able to reflect each client’s personality through her unique design aesthetics.

What does 'Made in Italy' mean to you?

Made in Italy exemplifies beauty as well as innovation and quality.

Who has inspired the most of your work and style?

I am constantly inspired by everything around me, whether I am traveling, or going downthe rabbit hole of both Instagram and Pinterest, I am always finding small details to integrate within my design. I am fortunate to have many colleagues in the business that have turned into friends and who also help to inspire me every day.

Describe your design approach and philosophy.

I approach each project differently, depending on the personality and goals of each client. Working on someone’s home is very personal and requires open lines of communication and complete trust and honesty. I do my best to instill such values from the very beginning to ensure a smoother process.

I relate to my clients on a personal level, taking them through the process step by step and ensuring that they are as excited about the project as I am, easily adapting and refining my approach to meet their specific needs.

What is the one décor you cannot imagine your clients (or yourself) living without?

It is essential for the walls to have energy. I encourage my clients to dress up the walls, whether we use wallpaper, venetian plaster, mirrors or my favorite choice - fineart. During my most recent installation all of the blank walls seemed daunting, until the client presented me with his incredible art collection. Art pulls together all elements of interior design creating a more intimate environment.

What is your idea of 'Ultimate Luxury'?

My ultimate luxury is going on vacation with my family. My husband and I have three school-aged sons and we all have packed schedules. I truly cherish the time when we can be together and relax without the distraction of work and school.

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