The Rustic Charm of Castello di Tassara

Nestled among fields and vineyards, at the edge of the Emilian Appenines, Castello di Tassara is a quiet haven of peace, suspended in time. Discover the authentic style of this incredible mansion and peek through its rustic brick walls.

In the small rural village of Tassara, on the slopes of Val Tidone hills, stands the suggestive ​Castle of Tassara, an ancient 1400’s residence brought back to its ancient splendor with a careful renovation, respecting the aesthetic harmony and tradition of the place. Alongside an elegant 1600’s church, the castle is surrounded by unique landscapes: fields and woods all around make the mansion a place of peace suspended in time.

The recent renovation of the property and the refined interior decoration, designed by the owner, convey authentic and familiar connotations of the site. Life events and family memories, the use of raw materials and the presence of eccentric objects collected during travels, generate an intimate atmosphere enhanced by the thick stone walls. Visiting the castle means to savor the spirit of the past, surrounded by unique artifacts, silent witnesses of centuries of Italian history.

The warm welcoming interiors are designed with love and a great awareness of the traditional ambiences, bringing inside the mansion the natural tones of the surrounding landscapes. Inside the atmosphere is one-of-a-kind, generated by a wise use of wood and antique furniture.

A unique experience awaits the guests: relaxing in front of an ancient wood stove during the fall season, reading a book and sipping hot tea surrounded by the scent of wood and delicious courses coming from the kitchen. All the lounge areas are characterized by the presence of elegant traditional décor and unique details, together with stunning panoramic views over the surrounding hills.

The beautiful castle’s rooms and suites offer an intimate and private atmosphere, enhanced by refined interiors made of antique furniture and warm colors. Here the guest can taste the experience of sleeping in an authentic canopy bed, cuddled by soft linens with a relaxing atmosphere.

Outside, relaxation and calm are guaranteed by the nature: a large lawn and a well-kept garden offer possibilities for play and entertainment, and the vegetable garden, cultivated with biological methods, is the primary source of the castle’s kitchen. Inside this space, with its fireplace and wood stove, there is an ancient, vaulted brick oven, once the oven for the whole village and even today it is used to bake pizzas and other traditional Italian dishes.

This area, at the edge of the Apennine of Emilia, near one of the trails of the Via Francigena, offers cultural, touristic, gastronomic, enological and sporting itineraries. From here it is exciting to explore the region by bicycle, on horseback, or walking on the Apennine trails.

Perfumes, colors, wildlife, and the richness of castles and villages where traditional hospitality still dominates, combine to bring back the passion for nature, and the traditions and the tastes of the local cuisine. Pavia, Parma, Modena, and Bologna offer interesting cultural destinations, while Genoa and the Riviera are just over an hour away.

​Castello di Tassara

Località Tassara, 29031 Alta Valtidone - PC

+39 0523 994502

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