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Sardinian Tradition at Su Gologone

Discover Su Gologone Experience Hotel, an outpost of Sardinian hospitality nestled in the heart of the island. Founded as a restaurant and evolved into a refined hotel grounded in the traditions of its land. Su Gologone blends seamlessly with its surroundings offering an uncompromised experience of peace, relaxation and authenticity.

The region of Sardinia is traditionally one of the most secluded and fascinating parts of Italy, separated from the mainland by the Thyrrenian Sea, a short flight away from the busiest cities and reachable with a picturesque ferry ride. The island has been cultivating its own culture and history apart from the Peninsula for centuries, creating a unique set of traditions and ways of living. Today, its coasts attracts millions of tourists each summer, while the inner land and its stunning territories maintain their mysterious allure with an almost unreachable atmosphere.

Close the city of Nuoro, in the eastern part of the island, between the heart of Sardinia and a stunning coastal National Park, the Hotel Su Gologone stands as an outpost of traditional Sardinian hospitality, an immediately recognizable icon nestled between the vineyards and the olive groves native of this land.

Hotel Su Gologone Experience carries the personality and the vision of owner Giovanna Palimodde, art collector and painter, that has guided the hotel driven by the love for her own heritage and the passion for the unique Sardinian wilderness. The experience hotel was originally founded as a restaurant by Giuseppe “Peppeddu” Palimodde in 1967 to serve traditional food of the region and offer shelter in the area. Following the early successes, the restaurant quickly grew into a thirty-three room hotel in 1975, that boasts today seventy different rooms that resemble more a journey through Sardinian culture and art.

Close to the Su Gologone natural spring and hidden between the native vineyards and olive groves, a short drive from the sea, the hotel stands in the perfect place to experience utmost serenity and peace.

The interiors of the hotel are deeply influenced by Sardinian artisanal specialties and crafts, and Giovanna Palimone has masterfully translated these traditions into her own line of handmade and hand painted cushions with the traditional embroidery techniques of the area, ​Le Botteghe Su Gologone. Playing with color, textures and raw materials such as cotton and linen, the interiors of the hotel are an explosion of color and natural pigments all around.

Each room, particularly the Suites, take each guests though a journey around Sardinian history and flair, with different styles ranging from country chic with exposed logs of wood, stone and trees, relying on the spacious and well shaded land, up to bright spaces where natural light and white walls are the protagonists and are decorated with accent pieces and pops of color.

The experience at the Hotel Su Gologone is not complete without taking advantage of the incredible opportunities that the surrounding wilderness offers. From day-long excursions to the nearby Dorgali, renowned for its leather ateliers and the goldsmiths workshops and famous for manufacturing filigree, to the countless hidden Cale (small beaches) around the coast just a short drive away, the region is perfect to explore and enjoy nature at its wildest.

Walking through the door of an unexpected world, where nature has its home, art is everywhere and Sardinian traditions embody life, Su Gologone is not a hotel, it is an experience. A pleasant surprise in every corner, a warm smile with every gaze.

Su Gologone recommends...
- The stunning sunsets from the Corrasi Mountain, with unique shades of grey, lilac and pink
​​- Walk among the ancient goat shepherd path and will visit their peculiar huts
​- Sunbathing at Cala Luna, a paradise of white sand and solitude
​- Discover the local endemic flora with a guided tour on Monte Corrasi

Su Gologone Experience Hotel


Loc. Su Gologone - 08025 Oliena (NU), Italy

+39 0784 287512

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