Angelo Salemi

Sicily, Italy - Sculptor
Born in 1970 in Mazzarino, Sicily, sculptor Angelo Salemi’s roots in his uncle’s smithy were the seed for his passion for art to grow. After years of experimentation with various mediums, from sculpture to painting, he opened his own workshop in 1997 in his hometown, where he still lives and works today. Throughout his 25-year-long career, Salemi has made the combination of classic and modern references the cornerstone of his aesthetic. His pieces have earned him acclaim both in Italy and abroad, and are featured in famous cities, such as two busts in Beijing and Hangzhou.

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Beauty as a mission in life, to continue to dream. Yes, because life is a dream. Angelo Salemi

Angelo Salemi

Angelo Salemi's merit is to have started not so much from the academies, but directly from the forge, as in the Renaissance workshops. In fact, after his studies and after attending the workshop of his uncle, a sculptor, in 1997 he opened his own artistic workshop in his hometown where he still lives and works. 

Passion and strength, chisel and awl have forged in him the will to measure himself also outside the national borders. His works are present and purchased by several collectors both private and public. He is deeply fascinated and knowledgeable of the classical world so much so that his works represent a link between modernity and the past. He appreciates very much the great lesson of the major artists of the twentieth century and at the same time pursues an assiduous work of personal research, which leads him to be an artist in constant evolution. 

Multifaceted artist, he passes with ease from sculpture to painting and vice versa. He prefers to work with noble materials par excellence such as Carrara marble and alabaster as well as some sandstone. He realizes works in wood and in ceramics with various techniques of decoration. He personally tries his hand at lost wax casting and many other techniques, such as oil painting. Lately, he is getting interested in Design and the realization of furnishing accessories (lamps, centerpieces, clocks, vases, sculptures). The object of art practically becomes also useful so as to enter easily into homes, villas, hotels, and any other place to enrich it with beauty.

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