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Blacksmith - Toscana, Italy

Il Bronzetto, an historic Florentine company is specialized in the hand-made production of high quality furnishing, accessories and lighting in brass and bronze since 1963. Simone, Pierfrancesco and their cousin Michelangelo inherit from the founder Antonio Calcinai the knowledge of materials and their processing techniques producing with creativity and high professionalism, unique and quality artisan artefacts. Il Bronzetto offers a wide range of styles, from classic to modern up to the striking contemporary design, as the Brass Brothers & Co. collection. Il Bronzetto can also carry out custom-made projects following the client from design to creation of the final product, aided on one side by the manufacturing expertise and experience, on the other by the use of technology to create items with high quality standards.


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Il Bronzetto, artisans in Florence since 1963. Combining tradition and technology, we create high quality objects for the world of furniture and lighting.


Il Bronzetto is a craft business that has been operating in Florence since 1963. It was founded by Antonio Calcinai in the historic Florentine district of Oltrarno, an area rich in history and tradition where both showroom and workshop are still located. Bronzetto today is no longer just a craft workshop but a company that straddles past, present and future. Two souls coexist harmoniously at Il Bronzetto: a classic one linked to traditional craftsmanship and a modern and contemporary one, the result of the openness to new High Tech technologies, combining a renewed use of materials and forms and the memory and knowledge of the past century.It is a 4.0 workshop capable of adapting from time to time to the different and increasingly articulated demands aswell as to the evolution in the world of lighting and furniture.

Bronzetto tells a story, that of Florentine master bronze workers capable of combining creativity and the highest professionalism, the result of long experience and in-depth knowledge of materials and their processing. A wide range of artifacts, from lighting to furniture to bathroom accessories ranging from a classic style to a more modern one, to contemporary design, trying to meet the trends and needs of the market.

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