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Leathersmith - Toscana, Italy

Founded in Pisa, Cassigoli creates modern masterpieces that retain the precious allure of antiques. This timeless synthesis of contemporary and traditional is deeply rooted in the expertise of craftsmen who can onlybe found in Tuscany, a land that has produced generations of skilled professionals, trained since the Renaissance in centuries-old techniques. These exclusive and refined pieces are crafted with the finest materials for a luxurious allure.


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Cassigoli Editions creations are the modern way of expressing the artistic sensibility which pervades Tuscany, a timeless synthesis of the results of a cultural process which draws its inspiration from millennia-long vestiges.
Cassigoli was founded with a view to creating handmade modern masterpieces keeping the flavor of antiques, exclusive products shaped by the expert hands of Tuscan artisans, for only in our area one is able to find workers who were trained in centuries-old traditional workshops and academies.

Indeed, since the Renaissance and generation after generation Florence, Pisa and Lucca have boasted the best crafts which shaped, and do shape still today, the matter to obtain real art masterpieces of unparalleled splendor.

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