Duccio di Segna

Tuscany, Italy - Crystal Master
The Duccio di Segna crystal factory began its activity in 1984 when Vasco Conti put into this project his long experience in crystal production in Italy and abroad. His deep knowledge of this sector has allowed Duccio di Segna to become in its 38 years of activity, one of the most important names in Italy in the crystal production sector. It balances capacity, experience, taste and heritage which, together with the most modern technologies, give life to every request of crystal production. All Duccio di Segna’s productions are hand made by master craftsmen who manipulate the crystal at a temperature of 1150 degrees, creating pieces that are unique in their beauty and quality.

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Duccio Di Segna is a balanced mix of ability, experience, taste, and continuity of tradition. Duccio di Segna

Duccio di Segna

The crystal company "Duccio di Segna" began its activity in 1984, when Vasco Conti poured into this project his decades of experience in the production of crystal both in Italy and internationally. His deep knowledge of this sector has allowed "Duccio di Segna", now in its 38th year of activity, to become one of the most important realities in the field of national crystal. Creating in their furnaces fascinating crystal objects of superior quality, with the wisdom of crystal masters for refined manual processing and mechanized systems for the production of design pieces. 

In order to achieve such a wide range of products offered, master glassmakers daily apply the most diverse techniques for artisanal and semi-artisanal processing, combining them with the fundamental ingredient: true passion, an indispensable feeling to make every object that leaves our factory a "Duccio di Segna" object, that is, unrepeatable, whatever it is.

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