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Vaporetto is a project created in 2019 by Enrico Trabacchin, a Venetian entrepreneur with a deep passion for art, in collaboration with expert Murano glassmakers Ballarin brothers. Vaporetto creates limited-edition collections showcasing first-rate designs handcrafted in flame-worked borosilicate glass. Featuring decorative pieces, vases, and glasses, its collections celebrate century-old Venetian glassmaking without compromising on tradition or elegance.

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Vaporetto Glass, the designer glass that reinterprets the tradition of Murano. Vaporetto


Enrico wanted to find a creative solution to introduce the wonders of Murano glass to those who could not physically reach the island, and he thought of doing so through the use of technology. So, together with his team, he managed to virtually simulate the light that the glass receives, making the augmented reality image extremely realistic and suggestive. This led to the creation of a catalog with a home decor line in augmented reality, which allowed the authenticity and value of precious flame-worked glass to continue to be disseminated.

The design of glasses and vases is modern, with fluid lines and a functional approach. In several objects, the 'incalmo' technique is cleverly used to combine the typical colors of the Murano tradition such as blue, orange, and green. In others the filigree craftsmanship, that thanks to the 'reticello' technique, mixes different shades giving life to bright reflections. The highlight of the collection is "Romeo", a vase in Murano blue that is faithfully inspired by the lines of the first glass vases, made on the island in the Roman-Byzantine era, around 900 AD.

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