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Beyond Reality

Look beyond the surface to discover a dreamlike world made of optical illusions, fluid glass and trompe-l'œil patterns. Dip into a selection of oneiric pieces bringing the surreal into design, for an introspective journey pushing the boundaries of perception.

Here is a new place to look for when you lose your glasses. This vase catches the sense of wonder at the instant of finding a lost object. Look at this unique piece that will bring a smile to your face every time you gaze upon it.

This playful vase by Ron Arad captures the materiality of glass in a subtly ironic manner. The mouth-blown glass in blue is blown into a bulb shape and molded around a pair of metal glasses.​

Art does not reproduce the visible; rather it makes visible.

Paul Klee

Take a look at this exclusive chair designed by Andrea Forapani and customized by Swiss artist Tania Grace Knuckey.

This design piece will make an iconic and unique statement in any style or décor. Treat yourself and take a seat on a unique creation: a hand-painted chair with an abstract and stylized pattern that will add a contemporary touch to your home.

Your bag is waiting to be filled with treasures that will transform your home into a realm of sophistication and comfort
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