Tropical Jungle Inspiration

Discover a selection of furniture, tableware and decorative objects that look like they've just popped out of a wild jungle: Botteganove ceramic plumage vases, Livio De Simone Palm printed pillows, Zanetti's Murano glass parrot sculptures and more.

​Tropical accents have found their way in summer decor. Soak yourself in all things tropical: the rich canopy of trees, dark green foliage inspired accents that are sure to bring a lively, mid-summer aesthetic to your home. 

Cozy Tripolina Armchairs by ​Dario Alfonsi paired with lush palm cushions ​​Livio De Simone​satisfy one's desire to escape from the urban jungle into the wild.

Explore the curated tropical jungle-inspired collection home decor: From handcrafted tabletops by Wanda Fiscina plates to remarkably animated and colorful Macaw Parrots by Zanetto Murano, these instantly introduce some natural and exotic details in your home.

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