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Lacquered Finish

Lacquer is a hard, protective varnish that is applied as a topcoat to furniture, providing protection from wear and tear while creating a glossy, lustrous finish. Its versatility extends to various surfaces like wood, metal, or plastic, safeguarding and enhancing each material's allure. Delve into our assortment of lacquered furniture and décor to discover the perfect addition, elevating your interiors with elegance and sophistication.

The roots of lacquer trace back to Asia, with early instances in Japan around 7,000 BC. Utilizing this method, articles were coated with multiple layers of refined tree sap, which, upon drying, formed a resilient, protective layer with a sleek finish. Over time, lacquered items made their way into western interiors during the 16th and 17th centuries, as European aristocrats began importing them from Japan and China. Another surge occurred during the Art Deco era in the 1920s.
Similar to the trajectory of porcelain, Europeans started to imitate and adapt the lacquering technique for their interiors. In recent years, the trend of lacquered furniture has resurfaced, and in the past few years, the polished, glossy finish in furniture pieces has once again caught our attention. Capturing and reflecting light, this lustrous finish can remarkably enhance a space, providing more dimension to otherwise compact rooms. This collection features vibrant furniture and décor items with a stunning lacquered finish, including cabinets by Scapin Collezioni, tables by Giopagani, and vases by Studio X.