Sandy Shades

A selection of beautiful home décor and furniture pieces in sandy shades. The perfect fit for elegant and breezy sea side homes on the coast. Discover sea life creatures crafted out of wood by Castorina, table lamps crafted with smoky quartz, blue coral and shells by Giulio Tincani, raw wood vases by Lorenzo Franceschinis and more one-of-a-kind objects that make a perfect addition to any beach house.

Kose Milano
Tall Palma Abstract Vase
Stefano Pugliese
Marchigüe Vase Set of 3
Lorenzo Franceschinis
Carpinfolia #16 Vase
Lorenzo Franceschinis
Ostracoda #18 Vase
Lorenzo Franceschinis
Cedrus Libani #19 Vase
Rabitti 1969
Barrage Large Coffee Table
Rabitti 1969
Jota Square Storage Basket
Franco Mario for Icons
Abete Vecchio Book Case
Giuseppe Rivadossi
Del Ponto Dresser
Franco Mario for Icons
Channel Wall Mirror
Ceramiche Dal Prà
Madrepora Lamp
I Borbone Capodimonte
Capri Ceramic Caviar Server
Ceramiche Dal Prà
White Riccio Lamp
Breakfast at the beautiful Don Totu Dimora Storica in San Cassiano, Puglia
Sandy wall shades and prickly pear at Don Totu Dimora Storica
Fos Ceramiche
Naum Gold Vase
Fos Ceramiche
Antithesis Gold Bottle
Giuliano Tincani
Blue Coral Lamp
Giuliano Tincani
Green Turbo Shell Sculpture
Giuliano Tincani
Smoky Quartz Table Lamp
Tria Chrome Chair
Fratelli Levaggi
Campanino 900 Beechwood Chair
PB Studio Artigiano
Pyramid Vase in Gold Leaf
Convesso Convex Mirror
Don Totu Dimora Storica outdoor spaces
Don Totu Hotel interiors
Sigma L2
CL1922 Table Lamp
2 Paul Zebra Chairs
IVV Handmade
Isole Bookcase
Brass Brothers & Co.
Cage 8 Ottoman
ND Dolfi
Soriale Maiolica Vase
ND Dolfi
Briglio Maiolica Vase
Sigma L2
7811 Chandelier
Gianluca Facchini
Queen Cabinet
Brass Brothers & Co.
Carrubo 1 Chandelier
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