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Atlasproject is a project born by the synergy between a thirty-year Italian craft experience and a very contemporary design. Designed by Massimiliano Giordano, the collection balances tradition and innovation. Entirely handcrafted in Campania, where the family company is based and the tradition of artisanality is still a deep value, these decorative pieces merge essential geometric shapes with the most surprising materials, textures, and colors.

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Continuous research and innovation represent the company’s goal to offer products of ever-increasing quality and beauty. Atlasproject


Originally inspired by the Scandinavian design, the project is a continuous journey of contamination and encounter between the many voices of the European design. After spending five years in Copenhagen, Massimiliano Giordano is currently based in Vienna, the beating heart of the refined Mitteleuropean design.

The distinctive feature of the production is just the fine synthesis between the refined geometries and the surprising selection of natural materials and hand-processed metals. Stones, brass, copper, steel, leather,  and many others are the materials that represent the color source for the products of the Atlasproject collections. The collections are inspired by primary figures that make up essential and elegant geometries, in a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional plumb ligation through innovative technologies. While winking at the past, the design is expressed in all its essential nature and elegance.

The Collection

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Thanks to the strong artisanal component of the production and to the skills and expertise of the Atlas project team, the company offers the attractive opportunity to develop, project, and realize unique customized solutions. An opportunity not to be missed for clients in search of a piece meant to be unique and unrepeatable. The shaping of the pieces is performed by numerical control machines, while the finishing work and the assembly are strictly performed by hand, ensuring in this way the quality and value of each item.

Itinera mirrors collection is the most authentic expression and representation of the Atlasproject fil rouge: the voyage. Selecting the materials, the textures, the colors mean imaging a journey to your own destination. The style ranges from the calm and noble lines of Atlas to the more dynamic and metropolitan ones of Itinera.

Atlasproject team is focused on preserving the highest quality of production, through the merge of traditional craftsmanship and modern technologies. Continuous research and innovation represent the company’s goal to offer products of ever-increasing quality and beauty.


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