Chiara Provasi

Lombardy, Italy - Furniture Maker
Since her early childhood, Chiara Provasi was intrigued by design. Daughter of the founder of a renowned furniture company, she followed her parents in their travels, developing a unique sensitivity and a love for colors and forms. After graduating in architecture at the Politecnico in Milan, she became a prestigious interior designer. As a natural evolution of in her work for an exclusive clientele, she developed a collection of timeless furniture pieces that harmoniously combine classic and modern flair, precious materials and high-quality workmanship.

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Elements and furnishings designed with tailoring care conceived to enhance the specific identity of each living space. Chiara Provasi

Chiara Provasi

Chiara Provasi is an interior designer with a prestigious international clientele. Her work stands out for its highly personal, diversified approach. She combines ancient and modern in an original fashion, free of pre-conceived rules and stylistic formulas, and achieves a new level of equilibrium which is both nostalgic and original.

Architectural space is conceived as a habitat in the full sense of the term and must respond not only to demands of shape and function but above all to the need for inner satisfaction.

With its expressive qualities, color has a dominant role in the fascinating journey from the start to the finish of a design. It is a fixed point where you can begin to tell a different story each time. The search for unique, distinct combinations of precious fabrics with high-level materials is as important as the object’s design, its shape.

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