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Starting in the 1960s, Daytona is now a third generation family business that strives to bridge elegance and functionality. Quality and experience are the cornerstones of Daytona collections, firmly positioning the company in the global luxury furniture market. Daytona distinguishes itself through its attention to detail, stylistic innovation, and commitment to high-quality materials. Its pieces are unique, and their functional designs are an elegant compromise between form and substance.

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Daytona: audacious details, sophisticated features, noble materials, reminiscent of the abundance of the 1930s. Daytona


Since 2012 Daytona has signed the luxury living collections of the Signorini&Coco Group. After becoming an international excellence in the sector of classic furnishing, confident of the new challenges, and thanks to the drive of the family’s third generation, the company created Daytona, a reference point for the contemporary luxury sector. A sophisticated and audacious Brand, it got to the top and soon attracted particular attention, to then enter with force into the world of luxury.

All of Daytona’s creations are studied, designed and produced entirely in Italy, bound indissolubly to the Tuscan territory from where they originate. The capable hands of the skilled workers confer our products with all the nobility of classic art, rendered fiercely cosmopolitan by the audacious features of the Daytona team’s designers. Classic Italian woods, neutral colours, a sober look and sophisticated design of Nordic inspiration, are the signature of an elevated total living tone which imbues a real-life atmosphere to every space.

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The authenticity certificate is a seal of Daytona quality and accompanies every product as a warranty to the origin of the materials, the ecological nature of the paints and hues, and authenticity of the handcrafted works.

Daytona team designs custom-fit solutions dedicated to luxury, elegance and practicality. Though without ostentation, the Daytona imprint is magnetic and recognisable, characterised by refined details, ancient and reassuring colours, a sophisticated contemporary line and the aura of the fashion brand. The company is perfectly able to handle great supplies, since it is structured to face complex projects thanks to an advanced production department, the highly specialized technical team and the international experience of the designers of the brand.


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