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Furniture Maker - Lombardia, Italy

Durame is a company born in Cantù, the heart of Brianza, one of the most important district for the manufacturing of furniture and pieces of interior design. Durame combines the passion for artisanal woodworking, passed from generation to generation, with the desire to make modern pieces of furniture and original home décor. In these unique objects hand made by expert artisans, a spirit of innovation harmoniously coexist with the finest tradition of Italian design and craftsmanship.


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DURAME, history and craftsmanship, tradition and innovation, design and research. Timeless products that cross epochs and live forever

In 1933, a small artisanal laboratory producing furniture was establishedinCantù, a small town between Milan and Como, famous throughout the world for its furniture production. Today, after almost a century, this workshop has developed and reached
the third generation.
After all these years, they believe even more, that respect for tradition, know-how and the highest quality of products are the fundamental characteristics that distinguish their creations.
Thanks to the know-how acquired inmany decades of activity and the ability to combine innovation and tradition, DURAME is the result of the union between thegreat artisan passion for woodworking, handed down for generations, and the desire to give shape to new ideas and thoughts, updatedand in step with the times.
The products, either furniture or complements, are full of meaning, each one with a precise and distinct personality; thanks to research, design, and enhancement of the material, they fully express the values of high Italian craftsmanship.
The name itself, DURAME, which stands for the noble part of the tree trunk, the heart of the plant, from which the boards are made; highlights the particularityof the production with wood as its protagonist.
The feeling between design and skillful use of materials gives life to unique products characterized by extreme attention to detail, where craftsmanship is fundamental to create beauty and elegance.

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