Giulia Ligresti

Lombardy, Italy - Designer
An economist with a life-long passion for art and design, Giulia Ligresti presented her LOVE collection at the 2018 Salone del Mobile in collaboration with the Silvia Porro Architects Studio: elegant chairs made by hand in gold-plated iron and precious velvets. Ligresti followed up with a larger collection of chairs, consoles, love seats, tables and sculptures in iron, copper, bronze, aluminum, all inspired by love. In 2020, Ligresti held her first personal exhibit at the Glauco Cavaciuti Gallery in Milan.

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My furniture: objects of love Giulia Ligresti

Giulia Ligresti

Giulia Ligresti graduated with honors in Business Administration from Bocconi University. During her Business Administration courses at Queen Mary College of London and the numerous management roles she held, she saw her more logical and pragmatic side prevail; today, she lays bare the creativity that has always accompanied her and that has been enriched thanks to the important humanitarian experiences conducted over the years between India, Afghanistan and Gaza.Giulia Ligresti presented atSalone del Mobile 2018 her LOVE collection in collaboration with Studio Silvia Porro Architects: elegant handmade chairs made of gold-plated iron and precious velvets. Giulia followed with a larger collection of chairs, consoles, sofas, tables, and sculptures in iron, copper, bronze, and aluminum, all inspired by love.

One of the fundamental elements of Giulia Ligresti's design pieces is play: the possibility of mixing different styles and elements is their strength. It is also possible to play with the shadows produced by chairs, benches, and tables and create ever new effects.

The Collection

Different collections, from Love to Pop. All products are perfect examples of craftsmanship and Made In Italy.


The first Design collection conceived by Giulia Ligresti: Love is a hymn to elegance with its colors ranging from gold to bronze, its clean lines, and the material, iron, that is shaped and molded to a refined yet simple style. This collection includes benches, coffee tables and consoles, all of which are true one-of-a-kind pieces. Imperfect love features the unmistakable Love lettering, the only leitmotif of the collection.

Pop Collection

Pop, color, dynamism. Contemporary elements that are shaped with craftsmanship and become unique pieces of one of Giulia Ligresti's most eclectic Collections. Made in Italy takes on the unmistakable forms of bespoke design.

Giulia Ligresti

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