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Karpeta was founded with the goal of uniting the past to the present, choosing to weave a traditional craftsmanship with the modernity of a contemporary aesthetic and keeping alive the ancient techniques of hand-knotted carpets. The use of the highest quality natural fibers and precious handmade techniques, narrate a new rite for living. We envision a future where tradition and knowledge play a strategic role in offering new possibilities. The desire to experiment and renew ancient weaving techniques pushes us forward, seeking a new balance between the expected and unexpected.

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Inspiration that becomes vision. Vision that becomes project. Project that becomes matter. Karpeta


Karpeta was founded in 2006 in Reggio Calabria, the furthest point of the deep south in a region rich in traditions and suggestions, where land and sea meet and myth and reality merge in what was once Magna Graecia. A crossroads of peoples, a coveted landing place in the Mediterranean and always a port of departure for explorers in search of new worlds, and from which the founder himself, Daniele Morabito, set out with a pioneering spirit to travel back along the roads of ancient caravans, eager to open up to new horizons. Inspired by a collector father, who returned from his travels to distant lands with antiquities and precious objects, he drew from this family passion an important stimulus to the cult of the ornamental object endowed with a lived experience, capable of telling a story. Hence the urge to imagine textile works that would maintain the ancient hand-workings of the carpet and at the same time speak the language of the present time with its aesthetic and functional research. 

The result of a careful market analysis in which there was room for a reality that wanted to make the rug a bridge between tradition and modernity, Karpeta thus becomes the plot that transforms the traveler into an entrepreneur and projects contemporary design onto a precious artifact, the result of knowledge that is lost in the mists of time.

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Everything at Karpeta is born from passion. For raw materials and techniques but also for innovation. That is why they try to apply technology to craftsmanship, blending contemporaneity and tradition. Each product represents the union of innovation and hand-made, for pieces in which tradition is reinvented by design in the perfect harmony that tells of the most contemporary style. The skilled hands of the craftsman intervene on the rug by sculpting it with skill, precisely defining its profiles or playing with its thickness. These processes give the carpet three-dimensional and tactile effects, often transforming it into a real sculpture. The use of the highest quality raw materials is the basis of the company's philosophy. 

The Karpeta team oversees the entire production making it their own choice to minimize environmental impact. Using only natural yarns and colors and low-impact processing reflects today's focus on environmental issues without sacrificing aesthetics.


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