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Wallpaper Maker - Lombardia, Italy

Larghevedute is based in Milan and has over 20 years of experience in crafting wallpaper hand-painted on paper or cotton canvas with unique designs that can be customized. The subjects, featuring both natural and abstract themes, are inspired by the superb centuries-old Italian drawing and painting tradition. The skilled artisans who make these exquisite pieces are passionate about their work and are constantly guided by a need for excellence, showing a deep knowledge of the materials they work with.


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Every day we are inspired by nature, by the art that surrounds us. In conclusion, by the beauty of our peninsula of which we are imbued and in which we are, as Italians, deeply immersed

Their interest has never been to faithfully reproduce reality, but the atmosphere, to capture animage of fantasy and not reality in an instant.The technique must allow for jet painting on a material that must be able to immediately absorb the brush strokes. Afterthoughts or corrections are not permitted.The first phase of each production is that of design, which is realised through pencil sketches and the creation of one or more scale colour sketches; sometimes, when the project is very large and complex, we also make cardboard maquettes to confirm the validity of our design idea.The second phase is the realisation, which involves preparing the support and creating the colour card. Every wallpaper is made in every phase exclusively by hand: hands that work, draw and paint meticulously, hands that sketch and finish moved by passionand profound knowledge of the material, with the elegant sensitivity typical of artistic mastery. The most fascinating work phase is undoubtedly that in which dreams take shape and the creative gesture leaves its indelible imprint on the paper.Every thought and every gesture constantly pursues excellence and perfection, taking care of the smallest detail to interpret and return the profound essence of the project. During Design Week 2019, they took part in the 'Living Object' event organised by Ted Milano and Artemest, presenting a new product: the Jungle Green Mixedmade Wallpaper, a new idea of realisation from a completely original hand-painted subject. It is a digital but hand-painted wallpaper. Tradition and
technological innovation interpenetrate andsupport each other in this project. The digital medium allows for rapid realisation, an innovative support, pvc free, ecological, fireproof and velvety to the touch, the manual medium on the other hand allows for the uniqueness and exclusivity of the product, customisation and variations on the theme, giving the product the Artistic Value of the handmade.

As a child, in the workshop of her grandfather, who wasa goldsmith, Elena Palossi took great pleasure in trying to replicate his gestures when, on the workbench beside him, she tried toroughlymodel pieces of brass. Those childhood memories are still a point of reference today.
In 1989, after graduating fromthe Academy of Fine Arts, Elena had the opportunity to work as an assistant to the head of the stage design department at La Scala Theatre, achieving her goal of entering into the most important handicraft and artistic factory in the world: the stage design workshop of La Scala Theatre in Milan. This is how she started.
In 1992, she formed an artistic partnership with Paolo Larici, Master of Art, and painter-scenographer, with whomshe created the Larghevedute studio.Theywere entrusted with part of the decoration of Giannim Versace's Casa Casuarina in Miami. This experience resulted in a collaboration with the stylist that led to the realisation of important decoration works.
In making their decorations, Paolo and Elena use pigments (mineral and vegetable) and natural glues (vegetable, animal or cellulose-based) or synthetic glues, depending on the result they need to achieve.
In some cases, they also use acrylic paints or tempera, rarely using oil paints. Each time, the choice of materials changes because it depends on the technique required for the final product.
Often the various techniques overlap.
Experimenting with all kinds of materials intrigues and stimulates them: wood, canvas, textiles and then natural colours,earths, pigments, egg binders, milk binders, citrus waxes... Mixing, trying, always in search of a result that finds its highest expression in its uniqueness.

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