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Obsydian Stone
Obsydian Stone
Obsydian Stone
Obsydian Stone
Obsydian Stone

Obsydian Stone

Gem Cutter - Lombardia, Italy

Fascinated by stones since childhood, entrepreneur Gesualdo Marrapodi established Obsydian Stone in 2014 following his studies in petrology and mineralogy at the University of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. The Obsydian Stone series combines the concepts of “unique” and “precious” with refined designs, reinventing everyday objects with luxe materials. Master artisans craft each piece with their expert hands, revealing singular accessories brimming with timeless charm.


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Sometimes beauty can be discovered, other times it must be created.

Obsydian Stone

Obsydian Stone specializes in the processing of semi-precious stones to create precious architectural details, the original stones are inserted in furnishing or design projects creating a perfect combination with other materials and increasing their overall value.
The exclusive peculiarities of the stones make them real elements of interest that are harmoniously integrated into each piece, thus enhancing its uniqueness.

All the selected stones are considered as semiprecious and for this reason they are inserted in a category between precious stones and marbles. The stones extracted from the deposit are considerably smaller than marbles and they are as raw stones of variable dimensions. The hard stone inserts can be set on doors and vertical or horizontal supports of any kind. The manufacturing process allows the stones to be applied to any rigid base, be it wood, metal or stone based. Semi-precious stones can also be applied on masonry surfaces, creating design geometries and elegant combinations of different materials. They can also be used as inserts on knobs, handles, taps, push-button panels and switches, rods, cabochons or rounded surfaces. The ability to always have a harmonious finished product with a high level of finish is to be considered an advantage of artisans.

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